Hallo and Welcome to my Military Modelling site ...

The Gun Bucket is mainly for those, who are interested in  WW II  / 1:35 Dioramas.

 However, there are exeptions:

If you would like to see some of my earlier Dio's, take a ....

All projects are entirely my own work, albeit many of which are no longer in my possession.

I hope that you enjoy the viewing as much as I have enjoyed the building ... whether you are profi or newbie to the weird and wonderful world of Military Scale Modelling.

So let's away ...

M10 GMC (early)

Completed: 20.11.'18

WWI Vignette

Completed: 11.11.'18

British Mark V "Male" Tank

Completed: 25.09.'18

Sherman V (M4A4) DD

Completed: 06.06.'18


"Over Time" was not the last of my WWI cronalogical projects ...

German Horse Drawn Convoy Italeri - Nr. 6437 - 1:35

  ... but this one is.




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