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The Gun Bucket is mainly for those who are interested in 1:35 Dioramas & 54mm Vignettes. Categories are:

A few exceptions can be found under AviationMiscellanea and if you would like to see some of my earlier Dio's, take a .... Blast From The Past.

All projects are entirely my own work, albeit many of which are no longer in my possession.

Whatever your interest, I hope that you enjoy the viewing as much as I have enjoyed the building.

So let's away ...

Battle of Selma 1865, 54mm Vignette

Union Cavalry, Selma 1865

Completed: 18.05.'19

P-40E Kittyhawk 1:48

Completed: 06.04.'19

T34/76 (1943)

Completed: 23.02.'19

Schwerer Proviantwagen 05, Diorama 1:35

Schwerer Proviantwagen 05

Completed: 22.11.'18

M4 Sherman 1:35 / Diorama

M4 Sherman 1:35 / Diorama

Latest Update: 18.05.'19



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