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    Gun Bucket (Sonntag, 03 Februar 2019 14:21)

    Hallo Spencer, thank you for your kind words and welcome to the Gun Bucket.
    Im glad you've enjoyed my work and hope you find something on offer here that will help you "hands-on" so to say, with your future projects.
    However, I could'nt help but notice some degree of uncertainty in your lines. Maybe these points will help you gain confidance and momentum in your modelbuilding re-start.
    Age is of no importance. As long as you have decent vision, a steady pair of hands and enough interest, you are dressed for the job.
    Making mistakes is not only natural but vital to the learning process. I just try not to make the same ones again.
    This, plus some decent tools, good lighting, a quiet workplace and easy to hand reference material, are the basics. "Adhere" to them and with time the rest will march in on it's own ...
    Happy Modelling,

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    spencer (Freitag, 01 Februar 2019 21:47)

    Hi, I have just discovered your website and I am in awe of your skill and ability. I have recently got back into armour modelling (at 45 no less) after many failed attempts in my 20's and 30's and what you have done is quite incredible. I have recently completed the old 1/76 Matchbox M24 Chaffee, one that I had fond memories doing in the 80's and thought it looked pretty good then I saw your stuff! Seriously though am now inspired to do the best I can and maybe one day turn out something close to what I can see on here! Doubtful but i'll try. Thank you and best wishes from Crewkerne in Somerset! (England)

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