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    Gun Bucket (Donnerstag, 09 Juli 2020 12:55)

    Hi René,
    thanks for your question. Sorry for the late reply but as you can see I've had to put my modelbuilding on hold for a few months. I'm glad you've 'become interested' in figure conversions and I hope that my next WWI effort will offer you a slightly different approach to the 'figure bashing' world.
    As for the Zeitpunkt of my continuation, I can only give you an age old statement:
    "Normal services will be resumed as soon as possible."
    All the best,

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    René Snoek (Freitag, 03 Juli 2020 23:55)

    Hello, when are you going to contnue? I am ver curious what you are planning to do with the Tamiya WW1 British set. You have given me the inspiration with your previous builds to do some figure modifing too. Converting Airfix multipose to British ww1 figures is fun.

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    Gun Bucket (Samstag, 28 März 2020 17:38)

    Hallo again,
    glad to hear you've put in some bench-time. We're fine here thank's … so far so good.
    "My favorite part is the diorama for some reason?"
    Spencer, believe me, I've asked myself the same question on more than one occasion over the years. For me it works like this:
    Although a diorama is very time consuming, I find that they give far more back to the builder than a single model. A model (or 'An model' as I call them), however well built, is as it is - a singularity without reason for it's being. A diorama is a challenge to place any model in it's natural surroundings and bring it together with the particular story it was involved in. Whereas the modelbuilder is fixed on glue part 6 to part 13b and paint part 32 in x tone, the dio builder has to concentrate on far more. 'Zeitfenster', action, layout and weather conditions are just some of the things to consider BEFORE he opens the kit box. Research is vital but also having a nose for the smaller stories can also add interest and on times give the thing 'a twist in the tale'.
    After completion, I feel somewhat akin to an archeologist that has for a moment become part of the history of the object that he has found. Something with meaning, atmosphere and depth … something that 'An model' can never return.
    I'm glad you liked "Early Birds", although very basic, I think it serves to underline that the idea (at least in dio building) is mightier than the wallet ;-)
    Thank's for the offer to share your diorama photo's with me. Please use the contact form above and we'll have a chat.
    Until then ... take care,

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    Spencer Gregory (Donnerstag, 26 März 2020 10:15)

    Hello Gareth, Well after a year and a bit and much craziness in our world at the moment (I hope you are doing okay?) I am happy to report I have knocked up 5 models, all armoured (Brittany and Americans) since your kind reply back last Feb. With each one I get a little better and I'd love to be able to send you a picture of them just to get a bit of advice but also feedback! I have to say that I really enjoy making them although my favourite part is the diorama for some reason? Also a couple have been unwanted eBay jobs or giveaways and the one model on your page I already turn to for inspiration? The snow covered M7 Priest with the bird sat on the gun barrel. I live that piece and also the encompaning statement about taking things back to basics, enjoying what you do and try not to put too much pressure on the perfection of the build! Stay safe and if there is a way I can send you some pics that'd be great! Much respect. Spencer Gregory, Crewkerne, Somerset, England!

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    Gun Bucket (Sonntag, 03 Februar 2019 14:21)

    Hallo Spencer, thank you for your kind words and welcome to the Gun Bucket.
    Im glad you've enjoyed my work and hope you find something on offer here that will help you "hands-on" so to say, with your future projects.
    However, I could'nt help but notice some degree of uncertainty in your lines. Maybe these points will help you gain confidance and momentum in your modelbuilding re-start.
    Age is of no importance. As long as you have decent vision, a steady pair of hands and enough interest, you are dressed for the job.
    Making mistakes is not only natural but vital to the learning process. I just try not to make the same ones again.
    This, plus some decent tools, good lighting, a quiet workplace and easy to hand reference material, are the basics. "Adhere" to them and with time the rest will march in on it's own ...
    Happy Modelling,

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    spencer (Freitag, 01 Februar 2019 21:47)

    Hi, I have just discovered your website and I am in awe of your skill and ability. I have recently got back into armour modelling (at 45 no less) after many failed attempts in my 20's and 30's and what you have done is quite incredible. I have recently completed the old 1/76 Matchbox M24 Chaffee, one that I had fond memories doing in the 80's and thought it looked pretty good then I saw your stuff! Seriously though am now inspired to do the best I can and maybe one day turn out something close to what I can see on here! Doubtful but i'll try. Thank you and best wishes from Crewkerne in Somerset! (England)

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