Hello there und Herzlich Willkommen,

my name is Gareth.

Born in South Wales '62 and residing in Germany since the late 80's.
Hobbies ... outside hacking at plastic: good food, Stephen King novels, Tom Waits, Bourbon, The Goons, Monty Python, Amazing Trivia, Indie Films, Stargazing, eating garlic, chasing my wife and sleeping on the couch ... but not necessarily in that order.


Model building has been with me since boyhood. Some of my fondest memories are c/o Airfix ... hard earned pocket money, hours of building, only to blast them to bits up the back garden with   a .22 air rifle. Then I was young and foolish but today I am old and ... eh' ... never mind !!
I first started to take dioramas seriously in the early 80's, after a visit to Francois Verlinden's shop in Liège, Belgium. A journey from which, I have never fully recoverd ...
Although influenced by him and others, I prefer to go my own way and if it fits the scene - to add some humor/humanity here and there.

However, I do enjoy a trip in the 'Tardis' now and again as I feel that model building (especially today) is too 'small' for one Epoche.
Anything from the Renaissance to the late 60's you may well find inside "The Gun Bucket".

By the way - to those of you who are not familier with my site title ...
"The Gun Bucket" can mean:

- A metal vessel used as a target
- A somewhat naive term for an armoured fighting vehicle (AFV)
- An object, found on page 70 of Spike Milligan's "Adolf Hitler - My Part In His Downfall"

Feel free to choose any label you like ...

Finally I would like to state, that although my homepage sometimes deals with fascism, I am in no way personally or politically so inclined, and however contradictory it may be to some, I wish to distance myself from persons/organisations of such nature.

Gerne können Sie mich auch auf deutsch

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