Diorama 1:35 / Building Report:


I would really like to build this model along with all it's P.E. and resin accessories.

The only problem is …

MiniArt 35181 SU-122 frühe Produktion 1:35


… I haven't got them.

So, if your still there ...

Tamiya 35093 Russian Tank Destroyer SU-122

... how about a 'hefty' blast from the past instead ?


Stage 1:


Back to heavy metal in the form of the Soviet SU 122 for the next project.

Although MiniArt has brought out many versions of this assault gun, the changes that occurred during the relatively short production run of this vehicle were quite minor ones. Mine is based on the Kummersdorf example - that of an early 122.

Tamiya kit updated via dremel, putty, curtain net, plasic strip and P.E. scrap:

I don't know how many 'pounds' to the square inch this old kit can still take but here's a idea of how much it set me back when I had hair ...

SU-122 Diorama 1:35 Building Report

Ach ja … 'ser gute alte DM price!

Oh, almost forgot ...

SU-122 Diorama 1:35 Building Report

… some bits that, er ... 'couldn't take the stress'.




Stage 2:


I was going for a simple ammunition replenishment scene or a 'bomb-up' as it's termed in English. Alas, although Miniart's ammo set is of good quality - they are not sutable for the Su-122.

MiniArt No. 35068 Soviet 122-mm Ammunition


I have only recently found out that they are meant for the JS 2/ JSU122. The SU122 has shorter rounds and charges in square boxes. All of which have different labeling.

I've already converted three of their figures and one from Dragon (Kit 6457) to fit the scene.

So I guess all this was for nothing ...

SU-122 Diorama 1:35 Building Report
SU-122 Diorama 1:35 Building Report
SU-122 Diorama 1:35 Building Report


As if this wasn't enough, another uncomfortable fact is that I've taken my eye off the ball,

or better put, the shape of Tamiya's gun mantlet over the ball mount. Nothing else for it but some 'Jack the Ripper' surgery:

SU-122 Diorama 1:35 Building Report

The 'bomb-up' scene is off - but the H.E.A.T. is definitely on. So, next up it's  my plan B diorama … or as soon as I can think of one.




Stage 3:


"Wait a minute, somethings wrong here."

Red House. Jimmy Hendricks.


Right then folks … Plan B (or re-re).

I've finaly remoulded the gun mantlet and refined a few more details that, on reflection, I wasn't too happy about. Rear pistol port and observation slit reset, reworked exhaust guards and weld seams. Primer respray.


About the only thing remaining from my original idea is the central theme/story and title. For my rethought dio, I've had to add two figures and convert all but one of them.

I hope I haven't blown a gasket with this lot, here goes ...

… and if I'm not struck down by the 'Dreaded Lurgi'...

SU-122 Diorama 1:35 Building Report

… with the completed work I shall return.



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