T-54 Tank

Building Report / Part II

Stage 10:

I've sprayed on a top coat of light green, thin enough to see the primer and dark green base coat.

Once dry, a mist of water was sprayed all over the vehicle, then with a small stiff brush the top layers were chipped off here and there to reveal the black primer. Two thin coats of acrylic matt varnish were applied with a soft brush and the model was left to dry overnight.

Next came the washing which involved spraying on artists white spirit and  flooding the surface with a very thin mixture of  lamp black and raw umber oil paint with turpentine. Again this was left overnight to dry out.


Stage 11:

T-54-3 Tank, Diorama 1:35

There's a typical English expression for somehting boring ... 'It's like watching paint dry'.

I must be a very odd bloke because this is the part I find most interesting. I've literally thrown on a second coat of different toned brown-black washing and distributed this over the model.

Using brushes moist with turps, spirit and water I've 'moved' the tones on the vehicle. Some areas have had more attention than others. I find that this technique suits the otherwise one green only surface. No dry brushing and no multi coloured oil paint spots.

Many experts have pointed out the exact tone of Russian post war Green /4Bo. For me personally it is definitely the same colour as the picture frame ... it's background, the side bar and of course Grass Green (white highlight) with a touch of Dark 'Khaki' Brown with a 'yellowish' tinge.

A dab of Prussian Blue is important notforgetting Medium Gray. Ahhh, basically everything ... exept ЯED.

Chalk mixed with Tamiya acrylic thinners was sprayed to the inside of the running gear before they were finally fixed. Washing off all the excess from the surface of the wheels and inside track.

Fitting parts to the model at this stage can and has caused some surface damage, this is evident on the towing cable - right rear fender area.

At the moment this dosn't worry me as I still have more rough work ahead (fixing of figures and embedding the hull into the diorama base).

I'll leave you then with the comforting words of our old drill instructor: " I'ts coming, it's coming ... but so is bloody Christmas!!"


Stage: 12

T-54-3 Tank, Diorama 1:35

.... they'll never make a lounge lizzard outta me ;-)

T-54-3 Tank, Diorama 1:35

Under pressure !!

After all that violence and stress, I think it's time for a spot of Tai Chi ...


Stage: 13

I should have shown this to you a bit earlier but I didn't want to give the game away ;-)


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