Airfix WWI Old Bill Bus ; Diorama 1/32 ; Antwerp October 1914

Antwerp Oct. 1914

The scene depicts an 'Old Bill Bus' of the british contingement sent to the city to cover the retreat of the Belgian army.
The figures are from Airfix, Italeri, Verlinden , Preiser and 'Tommy's War'. All have been dressed up or down to 1/32 (54mm) scale.  I was at first quite angry that the 'Tommy's War' figures were too large for this project, but I am now content as things have turned out well.I will purchase others from this series in the future, but only to be used amongst themselves. I guess they are collectors items and not meant to be 'figure-bashed', as I have done here. I originally wanted more figures on and around the bus , but then changed my mind as I wanted the vehicle to take 'centre stage' as it were.

Airfix WWI Old Bill Bus

Diorama 1:32 / Staging:

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