M5A1 Stuart ; Diorama 1:35

Bohemia, April 1945

On 'show' here is the old Tamiya M5A1 stretched and strengthened to it's correct length and height. It's a bit of a badger (small and rough) ... but I 'likes 'im' anyway!


' Toujours Pret ' ( Always Ready ) ... the motto of the U.S. 2nd Cavalry Group.

Also known as 'Patton's Ghosts', as they often carried out their recce missions deep inside enemy territory ( here: Bohemia ; April 1945 ).

I first wanted this to have sandbagging (Italian theater) but after changing my mind, I opted for the 3rd Army. I therefore left them off, as the 'boss ' himself was strictly against this practice.

As this build has been refered to by some people as something of an ' Antique Romany Dog', I have given the fella a suitable name:


'Always Ready' .... Red Flannel Hash 'n Grits, Hobo's Can 'uh Beans or maybe a Barbecue. If not ... cough medicine, soap , pair of boots ....



Right then, as 'Blaster Bates' used to shout : 'WATCH OUT FOR THE BITS' !!



M5A1 Stuart

Diorama 1/35 ; Building Stages :

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