Churchill Mk III AVRE 'Petard', Diorama 1:35

Normandy Beach 06.06.1944

Among the many special tanks under the command of  Major-General  Sir Percy ('Hobo') Hobart, was the Churchill Mk III AVRE, 'Petard'.


Specifically designed to destroy enemy fortifications, it was armed with a 290mm motar that could throw it's charge (18kgs) up to a distance of 250 meters. This 'Flying Dustbin', as it was nicknamed, made short work of concrete bunkers and casemates.

Fitted with exhaust extensions, deep wading stacks ( not seen here as they have been previously ejected) and smeared with black Bostik sealant (side doors internally), they slugged their way through the surf, up the beach and beyond the Atlantikwall.

Smashing strongpoints that would have caused mayhem to the waves of follow on tanks and infantry.


I have depicted one of the "Funnies" with the markings of the 79th Sqn, of the 5th Assault Regiment. With, of course, the symbol of Sir Percy's division ... the bulls head of the 79th Armd, seen here in action on Sword beach (Queen Red sector) on that day of days.

Completed: June/2014

Churchill Mk III AVRE, 'Petard'

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