Polish Armored Car Wz.34, Diorama 1:35

Western Poland 1939

The German Fall Weiß (Case White) involved a full scale invasion of Poland and thus led to the start of the second world war.

The operation began in the early hours of the 1st September ... the dawning of the Blitzkrieg.

This art of warfare involved the bypassing of enemy units in order to strike deep into their command and control with subsequent envelopment operations. These tactics required all arms comunication and as this 'Lightning War' was in it's infancy, there were some 'Teething Problems'. Tank - infantry cooperation was not as sharp as it was to become and the Luftwaffe basically stuck to it's own timetable.

The campaign was a German victory but their losses were relatively high against an antiquated and outnumbered foe.

My diorama depicts a Polish wz.34 armored car during the Bzura counter-offensive and the subsequent retreat to Warsaw. The latter action being particularly confused as attacking German units overtook their Polish adversaries in the race to the capital.

So, the German body and wreckage could very well be the result of an (un) 'friendly fire'.

Completed: November 2016

Polish Armored Car Wz.34

Building Stages:

I reckon these days that anything can be talked good or bad and from my workbench it's the same with model kits.

To be honest, how many times have we 'been sold' a modern expensive kit only to find out that without scratch building or aftermark items it will fall far short of it's promise.

There is also a lot of talk of having fun and building 'perfectly', for yours truely a contradiction in terms as work is work in any language. I think that the answer must lie somewhere in between.

Hence my choice of model - the TOGA Wz. 34. I've included the plans to give you a better idea of what a 'bean tin' this thing really is. Cheap, nasty and chunky (as was the 1:1 version) this kit has a message: build and grin or bin and forget.

Right ... 'game for a laugh' :

Polish Armored Car Wz.34
Polish Armored Car Wz.34

Polish Armored Car Wz.34
Polish Armored Car Wz.34
Polish Armored Car Wz.34

Polish Armored Car Wz.34
Polish Armored Car Wz.34

There yer go ... fastest building report I've ever done.

Enjoy making the best out of a bad job because the best fun is imperfect.

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