JSU-152 ; Diorama 1:35

East Prussia 1945


On show here is the Soviet JSU-152 Assault Gun.


Nicknamed 'Zvierboi' (animal hunter) by Russian combat troops because of it's ability to knock out German 'Tiger'and 'Panther' tanks. It was also particularly effective in destroying fortifications using anti-concrete shells-depicted here.


I have seen many models of the 'Zvierboi' without (or very little) whitewash, so I wanted to give my version a heavier winter camouflage.

After looking at pictures of the KV series, I've also decided to build it with very loose tracks, probably a bit too loose here, but my desision. I've also had her driving over the 'whitend bones' of an earlier 'kill' ... a few spare parts of a 'Tiger'.


The vehicle is the old Dragon kit (Korean War Series) built out of the box, but with the lower hull raised by 1,8mm. The 'Gun Crew' is from Miniart and the Infantry is from Dragon's 'German Ski Troops' Set.


As always, all figures altered to fit the scene.


Diorama 1/35 ; Building Stages:

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