88mm Flak 37 ; Diorama 1:35

Norway 1944

The Petsamo-Kirkenes Offensive began on the 7th of October. It's aim was to drive German forces back down into Norway. This was accomplished in a series of battles by the Soviet 14th Army that lasted just over three weeks.
Petsamo (Finland) fell on the 15th, Kirkenes on the 25th and on this day (29th) - 70 years ago - the operation was brought to an end - with Russian troops situated as far West as Neiden.

Fought over the Tundra West of Murmansk, this was the last major offensive in an Arctic climate.
1944 became known as 'The Year Of Ten Victories' - and this was the last one on the Soviets list. It was however somewhat of a hollow one as the German 20th Mountain Div fought a very skillfull retreat, costing their enemy dear while still managing to keep their own forces more or less intact.

On finding out that Soviet Naval Infantry were heavily involved in this campaign, I could'nt resist including some of the famous 'Black Death' next to a shot-up 88mm Flak 37.
As for the model itself - well, what can I say ?

Being as the German 'Acht-Acht' was a nightmare for the Allies, the scratch building turned out to be more than a problem, plus the fact, that it is basically an 'illegitimate marriage' of two kits and some leftovers - I at first wanted to call it 'The Bastard' but then opted for something a little more ... er... sober!!

Completed: October/2014

88mm Flak 37

Diorama 1/35 ; Building Stages:

Stage 1:

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Stage 3:

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