Universal Carrier of the 1st Middlesex Regiment ; Diorama 1/35 ; North Korea

North Korea, Winter 1950/51


I would like to introduce you to my latest brainstorm - a group of "junk" that does not normally go well together ...

  • Tamiya's old universal carrier (bought at flea market - parts missing - for ca. 3,-€)
  •  Diverse cheap German figs (MiniArt,Dragon, MB)
  •  BM-13 'Katyusha' - Italeri (a smashed up Ebay - job given to me, along with the u.s. trailer by my mate)
  • No Foto-Ätz, one VP resin box, I have allowed myself the "luxury" of one Hornet head and finally an old breadboard - far too small ...


'... too tight to mention'


The scene depicts a Universal Carrier of the 1st Middlesex Regiment (part of the 27th Commonwealth Inf Bde) on operations in North Korea during the winter of 1950/51.

During the first winters of the war, the Brigade was not very well equipped (they were posted from Hong Kong ) so I have depicted them here as a somewhat 'motley-crew'. I have seen pictures of Bde members almost entirely clad in U.S. uniform surplus but I wanted to keep the crew as 'ragged-Brit' as possible here.


Our lads have "acquired" the following:


  • Diverse U.S. small arms (' found' somewhere or other) 
  • A U.S. Navy trailer ('borrowed' from them at Pusan) 
  • A Soviet PM-10 Maxim MG. ('on loan' from the North Korean Peoples Army - to be paid back in 'sporadic burst installments' ... so it looks like the the only soldier to have 'bought anything' here is the NKPA driver ;-)


 I would have liked to have spent more 'dough' on this Dio but at the moment: money's ...

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