T-34/85 Composite ; Diorama 1/35 ; South Korea 1950

South Korea Sept/Oct 1950

When the NKPA forces invaded South Korea on the 20th June, they used as a vanguard, 258 examples of the much feared T-34/85 . Supplied by the Soviet Union and used initially against light armour such as the M24 Caffee, it amassed a fearful reputation.

However, upon encountering better U.S. armoury (such as the M-20 'super-Bazooka', M4A3E8, M-26, M-46 and air strikes), it quickly became dubbed - 'The Caviar Can'.

I have used the model from 'Maquette' here along with it's motor and final drive unit (available separately ). The decals have been placed on the turret before airbrush and painting so they will show through only very slightly after completion.
The rest of the 'interior decorating' is all scratch build and the wheels have been 'burnt-down' by means of the FFF Tequnique (Freddy Flinstone Fashion ).
My version is shown after the breakout from the Pusan Perimiter. It is being 'checked-out' by members of PEFTOK (Philippine Expeditionary Force To Korea), on anti-guerrilla operations ...  their speciality.

As my 'Zeitfenster' here is depicted behind the lines, I have added the parent U.S.  divisional patch to their uniforms - 25th Infantry Division, 'Tropic Lightning'.

34 U.S. tanks were k.o'd by T-34/85's and Su76m's during the whole war (15 totally destroyed).
I think the total of 239 T-34/85 wrecks 'booked' by U.S. intelligence in October 1950 - compared to the number of the original NKPA tank force says enough.


T-34/85 Composite

Diorama 1:35 / Building Stages:

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Stage 3:

Stage 4:

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