Landsknecht Captain by Old Shako ; France 1544

France 1544

This is my rendering of the Old Shako Landsknecht Captain.

I bought it as it was advertised as 54mm, however it turned out to be far larger (from shoe to eye he's about 65mm).
Still, it is a very fine sculpture and was quite enjoyable to paint. The metal was airbrushed with 'Mr Colour - Metallic Black' and shaded down a little. If I ever obtain some figures of the same Era and size he may well be uprooted and placed on a vignette. Until then he stands alone on a temporary base.

I would finally like to add that I chose the title because of his half armour and sash colour and NOT his codpiece !! Although thinking about it ...

Landsknecht Captain

Old Shako Figure / Building Stages:


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