54mm Figure Conversion ; Spain c.1570

Spain c. 1570

Looking at this rather peaceful scene a few days after it's completion, I find it very difficult to convey as to how much work it really was. This was partly due to the fact that I used paints (Super Metallic from Mr Colour, W&N Oil, Citadel ) and mediums that I have never used before and even though I made some tests beforehand - it was still tough going.

The children were also quite a battle as this was the first time I have ever modeled and painted such small figures. Adding to my dilemma, a pin-hole gap in my sealed off pond led to a small flood of my (up till now - very reliable) resin Magic Water (I must make treble sure next time).

Finally as with 99% of all Gunbucket Dio's and Vignettes, the photo's are taken in raw daylight ... a problem indeed in a German October. All this became the third reason for the title.


As hard as it was I can honestly say, that I am more than happy with the outcome. I find that if you draw an imaginary line from the tip of the Halberd of our Tercio Sergeant - to the head of the girl, down to her hand, to the donkey,  the little boy and down further to the dogs 'castanets' - you will form a downward spiral ... hence the second reason for the title.

The idea came about with the EVD Tercio Sergeant figure. It was so large that I could'nt place it with anything else in my collection. I then thought that by utilizing the MB children, I could create some sort of a domestic scene - a small boy who wants to follow in the footsteps of his father only to discover gravity and temporary blindness in the form of a tightly fitting cooking pot. The first reason for the title.

Strange as it may seem, I do feel a certain connection between the figure of the boy and myself in this Vignette. We've both received cuts and bruises and have our heads 'jammed fast' inside our respective 'Gunbuckets' but we have gained experience.


Which title is more fitting and how exactly the laddie fell ?

I shall leave that up to you - dear reader - whilst I get back up and dust myself off.

Completed: October/2014

Figure Conversion

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