Airfix 1:32 Figure Conversion ; Marston Moor 1644

Marston Moor , July 1644

Continuing with my ECW vignettes, I would like to show something highly .... bland.


An Esci 'German soldier at rest' figure and a little bit of 'sparkle' in the form of an Airfix Pikeman. I also have utillized a horse from the firm Dragon Models ... a little ironic as the origin of Dragoon came from that four legged 'fire breathing' mythilogical creature.

We find ourselves here on the 2nd of July in the year of our lord 1644, at Marston Moor.

The largest battle of the first English Civil War, on the 'Roundhead' side of the line. The Dragoon (a horsed infantryman) is a soldier of Col Hugh Frazer's small cavalry contingement, of which there were four troops present that day. Our 'Jockie' carries a 'Bandilier', the famous blue knitted bonnet and a somewhat rare weapon for this unit - a firelock or flintlock as they later became known.
He is being coerced or forced to do battle (as all Dragoons of that time showed an unwillingness to dismount) by a Pikeman of the Earl of Manchester's Eastern Association. Hence the title 'Dragooned'.

Although records show that they only fired 4-5 rounds apiece,when they actually did get off their small Scottish 'nags', they apparently gave a very good account of themselves, so their maksmanship must have been exellent.


This and other actions not only contributed to the defeat of the Royalists, but also to the loss of the north of England for the crown.

1:32 Figure Conversion

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