Me 109E-7 Tropical ; Diorama 1/35

Western Desert 1942

You can't go far without water....
As this pilot of 2/JG 27 has just discovered after .. er.. coming down to earth !!
The British infantrymen of the 2nd Buffs are glad to see him, as it saves them the trouble to search for  the former owner of the Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-7 (Tropical), in the dry tundra.
Although Trumpeter's box art shows an E-4, I have decided to rename it here - as it has a pointed spinner.
Figures are from Airfix 54mm range.
So then ... better swop pistol for water canteen and forget 'Taking the long way home'.

Me 109E-7 Tropical

Diorama 1:32 / Stageing

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