Panzer of the lake

... sounds like good advice to me.


Diorama 1:35 / Building Stages:

T34/76, 1943 Production Model Tamiya MM159


Stage 1:


Of all the old model kits still alive and kicking they don't come much more crustier than this one.

Released in 1975, (note slightly groovy box inscription) Tamiya's T34/76 series was all the rage back in the days of flaired trousers.

Alas, the hull is slightly out of whack as it was designed to be fitted with batteries to propel it over linoleum. In the end, the fate of these delicate running toys were usually decided by fathers working boot or the neighbours Pit Bull.

However, the biggest eyesore, by todays standards, is the hexaon turret. As far as I can make out, the side angles start too far forward making the turret roof slightly smaller than it should be. They are also not angled inward sharp enough - which leaves the rear surface too wide.

I was about to alter these flaws but then decided not to, as I think this "disco dancer" should be built as rustical and as true to herself as possible … with a few minor tweeks that is:

What I've tried on here is to take various details from photo's and club them together on one model. There is an 'attempt' at a turret interior as well as a cosmetic reduction of the oversise drivers hatch.

Other details are: turret underside cast "fins" and surface treatment. Pipe handrails and large (more common) angular (Italeri) fuel tanks. Improved engine ventilator cover and turret ring splash guards. The result of mine damage has been simulated on the port side, "field replacing" the original destroyed road and idler wheels with earlier types.

No matter what your skill level, I can still heartily recommend this kit. For the beginner it offers a cheap and robust platform to practice all aspects of the trade. For the advanced modeller it's a challenge to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Leaving the main faults as they are and pressing on regardless makes this model great fun to build. This approach also steers you well clear away from the unyielding rocks of Advanced Modellers Syndrome.

So then, that's about it from me for the time being, next up… figure bashing.





Stage 2:


Last call for this year - as promised …

… "that - figures" 😉

Oh, BTW ... here's some of the T-34's bits that I forgot last time:

T34/76, 1943 Production Model Tamiya MM159

What 2019 holds for us all nobody knows, so I'll raise my glass and wish you w... 'ang on, there is someone that can point us in the right direction … and what's more he's been right under our noses all along. A tragic hero who's interest lies not in money or publicity but in wisdom.

May I reintroduce the mightiest sage of them all - always up to his neck in it ... the one and only:

T34/76, 1943 Production Model Tamiya MM159

… Panzer Of The Lake.


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