M4 Sherman

Diorama 1:35 / Building Report:



Oh-Ma-God, it's the last of the chronological initial landing series ...

... I think you can guess on which beach we'll find ourselves.


Stage 1:


With the tide coming in ever faster on my appointment with D-Day, I've been forced to make a move - and rapid.

We'll start with this old crustacean:



As I've said before, I'm not a fan of closed vehicles. On the other hand if there ever was a reason to show a Sherman fully "buttoned up" then this is the beach to put it on.

The upper hull is built OOB with the periscopes open. The lower hull is from Dragon, no real reason for this, exept that I had one on the shelf and it looked to be slightly more akin to the A.F.V. that I had in mind.

So then, all sweet and innocent up to now.

But be warned, there's no time to "hunker down" and take a breather, ... 'cos dis lil gal' … is going to turn into a bit of a bruiser ...



Stage 2:


Cleaning up Tamiya's M4 front hull is a bit tedious as it is more in line with an M4A4 version.

After rounding off the drivers hoods, I've extended them with plastic sheet before final forming.

Weld seams have been filled in and raised along the upper body where nessesary. The lower radio pod as well as the build up of the small attatchments were a bit of a job as the Sherman was built by many different manufactures. Each having their own ideas about the diverse details.

The one that caught my eye is a so called "Alki" Sherman. This has it's own batch of peculiar fittings as you will see as we go along.

M4 Sherman Diorama 1:35 Building Report

... 'ang on, I meant an ALCO Sherman (American Locomotive Co) and not ALKI … maybe that's where the term "Shermaholic" comes from 😉


Latest Update: 16.04.'19

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